Owned and licensed warehouses are secured and equipped to handle all types of freight including Commercial, Military Classified and Non-Classified Cargo.

35,000 sq Ft of warehouse & building space in the New Jersey facility.

52,000 sq FT of warehouse & building space in the North Carolina facility, plus 3 acres of land open for outside storage.

55,000 sq FT of warehouse & building space in the Virginia facility, plus 15 acres of open land for outside storage.

3.5 Acres of new land purchased to expand the New Jersey HQ Facility.

Our warehouses provide abundant space and are strategically located in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic to transport ocean and air freight to the entire world, while reducing your USEC inland transportation costs.

They include office space, sufficient closed storage that’s fully equipped for receiving, packing, warehousing & consolidation, and land space for outside storage.

A video rendering of our latest project to expand the New Jersey HQ Facility, which is currently under development.
New Jersey
North Carolina